Drop-off & Pick-up Procedure

🚨🚨 Drop-off 🚨🚨

The dropoff window is 8:10 to 8:23 with the tardy bell ringing at 8:30.

Vehicles will wait in the four staging lines in the east lot. When the carline staff opens the car caterpillar, a traffic director will direct cars to take turns entering the car caterpillar to drop students off.


Y5/K-1 students will be dismissed first from carline. If your oldest student is in this group of students, you will be the first to enter the car caterpillar. Families with older students should plan to arrive at 3:50 or after. Many families with older students find it faster to arrive at 3:55 or later to avoid backup traffic!

Entering the car caterpillar will be the same as at drop-off. A traffic director will direct cars to take turns entering the pick-up area, beginning with families of Y5/K-1 kids who are the oldest or only. Each family will be assigned a family number displayed on their hangtag. As cars are directed to the car caterpillar a carline helper will enter the family number into our pickup app. Carline helpers will be able to arrange and prepare students ahead of time to expedite loading.

All cars leaving the lot will exit the west drive (Drive A) turning right.


Traffic Flow Diagram

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Family Number

Your family number is on your rear view mirror hang-tag. Please hang it from your rear view mirror. If you need a second tag, please get one in the carline from a carline staff member.

By completing the After School Plan Survey you will be able to indicate to us if you need a family number as well as how many hang-tags.

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The Car Caterpillar 🐛🚙🚗🚙

The drop-off line procedure will be familiar to returning families. A video of the process is shown below for new families or people who need a refresher. The key thing to focus on is a group of cars pulls all the way forward until the staging area is full. Once full, all kids in the staging area will get in / out simultaneously. All those cars will pull out, and the next group will fill in.